choiceChoice Game is actually a small scale game for iOS devices that was released back in 2012. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received much of a fanbase or really any attention; none, nil, zilch. To which I can sympathize with the developers desire to head to Kickstarter for a fresh start, however, they fail in one important component.

The campaign has no information whatsoever about the game or what they need the funding for.

As mentioned on the Kickstarter page, “Choice Game teaches you never to quit. It teaches you patience, and the persuing of your goals with obstinacy, with perseverance and with faith.” If you visit their website, you’ll run into similar quotes. The Kickstarter page only offers one reward, for $5 or more, backers get the game for free (which actually isn’t free).

Let me make sure I understand this:

  • No game information is on the Kickstarter, only cryptic quotes, which are the same ones from the Choice Game website.
  • We have no idea who the developers are.
  • Only one reward choice which guarantees the game.
  • The funding video is the same they used to advertise the app back in 2012.
  • No screenshots, no information about gameplay, just nothing.
  • An emphasis on what type of person should play the game, which is applicable to anyone who reads it.
  • How on Earth is this money going to be used? There’s nothing on that.
  • $16,000 is a mighty high goal for something we know nothing about.

Hmm. That’s a bit odd.

Let’s hope that in the upcoming days there will be some edits done to their Kickstarter page to tie up these loose ends. At the moment, it looks like the decision to back or not is an easy ‘Choice.’


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