together1There are some things we can accomplish on our own; in fact, it’s often much easier to go about things alone. However, in certain cases, bonding together with another person in hopes of accomplishing a goal can actually get the job done both faster and more efficiently.

The creators of Together: Amna & Saif wanted to bring back the intimate and personal co-op experience you can share with a loved one right there on your couch. The controls of Together are intentionally designed to be simplistic and easy to adjust to in order to accommodate the needs of both casual and non-causal gamers alike. Everything centers on working with the other person to ensure progression and avoiding any danger. Given that there will be a little bit of fooling around, eventually players will get down to it and work together to move further into the games’ mysteriously enchanted forest to find a cure for their dying loved one.

together2The reception for Together: Amna & Saif has already been universally positive and, and acclaim continues to grow considerably day by day. Those who’ve had the pleasure to test out the game have raved about the fun experience shared with their partner, which is the entire goal.

Together: Amna & Saif has been self funded by Lyle Cox up until the launch of the Kickstarter campaign but the additional $10K gained from the campaign will do wonders for really pushing both the quality and completion of Together: Amna & Saif. For the time being, it is intended to be solely released on PC, but if certain stretch goals are met we can look forward to expansion to consoles. The campaign is to conclude on June 30th and the progress thus far is quite promising, already raising nearly $4K with the majority of the campaign remaining.


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