New Reality Games from the United Kingdom has had some success with previous games in the Data Hacker Saga with Initiation and Corruption and now they want to add another JRPG to the saga with the help of crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

In the Data Hacker Series, players immerse themselves in a world where the boundary between the virtual world and reality is thinning. The characters are somehow leaving the normalcy of their lives for some inexplicable reason pertaining to the virtual reality. Things are getting out of control and it’s up to the player to help those in need along the way, ward off any beasts who dare challenge you, and figure out how to restore peace.

datahackerreboot1The latest title in the Data Hacker series is Data Hacker: Reboot, and like its predecessors, will follow the classic JRPG turn-based combat system. We can expect plenty of customization options when it comes to characters with over 70 different classes to choose from. However, the feature that is the most attractive in my mind is the ability to transfer save files from the previous Data Hacker games to Reboot to continue the story where the player had left off.

Data Hacker: Reboot is still in its rough stages and with the £3,800 received from the Kickstarter campaign, New Reality Games will be able to finalize all of the sprite-work and character animations as well as complete all environmental artwork needed and incorporate the professional voice acting that the Data Hacker series is remembered for. New Reality Games’ campaign for Data Hacker: Reboot concludes on July 2nd.


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