tictoc1There is a very important question Moresome Games asks on their Kickstarter page that really resonates with me; and somehow, somewhere, each and every individual who’s ever played any game can answer: Are you sick of lying awake at night wondering why no-one has released a game where you can go back in time, save the dinosaurs, and then receive quests from them in the future?

Every. Single. Time.

And to accommodate this need is Tic Toc.  In it, players are capable of traveling back in time with modern machinery and gadgets to do just about whatever they want, whether it’s to save the dinosaurs from the impending deadly asteroid or give a caveman an assault rifle for just the heck of it, there’s plenty of do with time warping. Time can be altered in any way you wish but it’s not complete free reign. Every action will have a reaction, usually leading to a quest of some sort for the player.

tictoc2If players have a little too much fun with their time traveling mayhem, the hunter will become the hunted. Time travelers like yourself will intervene to ruin all the time traveling joy you are experiencing and restore time to its former glory (or lack of).

Moresome Games has turned to Kickstarter for a relatively modest funding goal of $15K to get Tic Toc going. The majority of the funding will be utilized for improving the artwork. At the moment, the release date in mind is aimed towards the latter part of this year or early 2015. Within the first fewof days of the campaign launch, over 2K has been gained. If funding keeps going this direction, Moresome Games will definitely raise the funds needed by June 29th.


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