superdaryl2Put down that self help book! No more will you depend on these cheap self help books to give you the motivation and direction your life was lacking. These are books of evil that will control the masses, leading to devastating events.

Daryl is no longer the new kid. He’s goin’ places.

And now all of this is a reality for us all, for Super Daryl Deluxe has reached its Kickstarter goal. A few weeks back, we posted an article announcing Super Daryl Deluxe and its Kickstarter campaign. Now, a little more than two days shy of the campaign ending, Super Daryl Deluxe has exceeded its $7,000 goal.

superdaryl3What’s next? Well, there’s still over two days remaining in the campaign, which is plenty of time for people to donate to become an in-game character, design an enemy, or even become a lucky beta tester for Super Daryl Deluxe. Now, we’re looking into the $9K stretch goal which will incorporate an achievement system. The money taken from the Kickstarter campaign will benefit both Dan and Gary so they can take the time off of school to finalize Super Daryl Deluxe as well as hire on some musical geniuses to make the soundtrack and sound effects snazzy and awesome.

Congratulations to Dan and Gary for their success with Super Daryl Deluxe and we’re looking forward to seeing what additional funding may spring up in the last few days of their campaign.


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