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Our review of GhostControl Inc. initially ran in February. However, the developer was not content with that being the final version. In preparation for the game’s Steam launch a host of new features and updates were brought to the game. Here is a brief synopsis of how things have changed to make GhostControl Inc. a better experience.

The most notable tweaks are the Spookipedia and Equipment Guide. These two new options are found via the smartphone and grant players a wealth of easily accessible information. As you might guess, the Spookipedia details information about the various ghostly creatures you’ll come across in game. Of course, creatures you haven’t encountered yet are hidden from view. Most of the information is just goofy flavor text but it also gives tactical hints about how to approach each type.

Similarly, the Equipment Guide provides information about various ghost suckers, traps, sensors, and outfits. This is an easy way to see what effects various items have during battle. Percentages such as precision and catch ability are also shown, which is a good way to compare between different weapon types. All of this information is also available via handy tooltips which also were integrated into the update.

There are many more small tweaks but these are some of the biggest. The silly writing is still present and has even been integrated into their recent Spanish translation. It looks like GhostControl Inc. is a more accessible strategy game than ever before, which is great considering the game already had a lot going for it. If you nab it on Steam you’ll also get achievements and trading cards!


This review update has been added to our original GhostControl Inc review, which can be found here.

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