diesel2We wrote a bit about DieselStormers not too long ago, and while it’s been a little while since we’ve gotten any news about it (backers and non-backers alike), the biggest news we could’ve gotten has been released. We got a release date! It’s still a little bit down the road, but we can all look forward to Black Forest Games’ latest addition to their Project Giana series, the action/shooter/platformer DieselStormers.

The title was very recently approved for the Steam Early Access program, which means that the version we’ll be playing on release won’t exactly be a finished game, but with Black Forest Games’ current track record and habit of putting out really good games, I think that the Early Access launch will be a good one.

diesel3So, what is that release date? Well, don’t hold your breath quite yet, because the release is slated for July 17th of this year. That’s not miles away, but it’s still a few weeks until we can all play, so in the meantime, why don’t you help the guys at Black Forest out a little bit and spread the word?

If you’d like to learn a bit more about DieselStormers or Project Giana as a whole, you can check out our article on the former and the website on the latter. Remember, it’s never too late to give small studios a little hand!


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Nathaniel Liles
Nathaniel Liles is a freelance writer, writing major, and indie musician based in Southern Indiana. While procrastinating or avoiding real-world responsibility, Nathaniel enjoys playing rhythm games, action RPGs, and very colorful games with many bright, flashing lights. You can listen to Nathaniel sing songs or download his music for free at http://nathanielliles.bandcamp.com/.
Nathaniel Liles