diesel2Those of you who have been visiting Cliqist for a while now have probably seen our reviews of the first two games (this one and this one) to come out of Project Giana, and after having the pleasure to play through those, I can tell you that Black Forest Games can produce some quality experiences. The first two games to come from this project, the two Giana Sisters games, were platformers with a sharp edge and good looks, but this time around, Black Forest Games is bringing us a shooter that combines filthy diesel and fantasy themes in a unique way. That game is called Dieselstörmers.

The core of Dieselstörmers is reviving the co-op run and gun style of gameplay that’s been hiding on older systems for far too long. Unlike platformers, which never actually fell out of the limelight, this is a genre well deserving of and in need of a revival, and Dieselstörmers might be just what the doctor ordered. The story goes like this: oil is found underneath a medieval town, so the entire place is more or less turned into an oil rig. Unfortunately, that oil is turning people into super unfriendly orcs, and it’s up to you to gather some friends and wreck their business. Weapon customization, environmental interaction, giant bosses, and unique co-op features make this look like a multiplayer adventure worth watching.

diesel3Black Forest Games is planning on bringing Dieselstörmers to Steam early access, launching first on PC, then moving to Mac and Linux. XboxOne, PS4, and Wii U versions are also planned, as well as DRM-free copies of the game on computer platforms. You can support the game by pledging on Kickstarter, where you can find all kinds of info and play a prototype demo of the game. That’s Dieselstörmers, a co-op callback to Contra from Black Forest Games.


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