pann2I’ve been hanging around Kickstarter for a good long time now, and it’s rare to find a game that comes off as wholly original as Pann, a new platformer from Glass Cannon Entertainment. You can see everything in action yourself if you decide to go over to Pann’s Kickstarter, but suffice it to say that Pann is worth taking a look at. Everything from storyline to gameplay and art is fresh and unique, so let’s take a look at what makes Pann tick.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ][/box]First of all, we need to set something straight: the genre of Pann. Pann coins itself as a 2D Rhythm Action Platformer, and in practice this results in simple interaction with background music to aid you in combat and environmental traversal. You’re accompanied (in more ways than one) by your friend and guide MIYA who can help you interact with your environment. MIYA also does you the favor of carrying your arsenal of instruments, which you can access at any point in battle to perform skillful rhythm breaks that interrupt enemy attacks. Fast traveling is even interactive and rhythm-based, tasking you with nomming enemies and dodging obstacles on the way to wherever it is you’re going. The neat gameplay style flows alongside an excellent art style that draws from anime influences and lots of masks.

To take a closer look at Pann, check out reward tiers, pledge money, see gameplay, and hear the music of Pann, you can fast travel over to Kickstarter. Reward tiers span from $15 for a copy of the game to $9,700, so if you’re interested (or obsessed beyond all help), there’s a tier for you. That’s Pann, 2D Rhythm Action Platformer from Glass Cannon!


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