eve1Eve Online is insane. It’s the single most expansive, cohesive world in all of gaming, but an incredibly small amount of the history of the Eve Online universe existed when it was first created. Now, there’s a huge, expansive lore, with governments and bands of rebels, corporations, shops, armies, and alliances. Massive wars are fought on a scale that has never been matched in a video game before. Funny enough, none of this lore was added with an update. None of the history was patched in. It was all decided by the 50,000 players that fill the universe of Eve Online on a single server, and soon those stories will be put to pages.

eve2Not including Eve Online’s China server, everyone who plays inhabits the same space. That, in and of itself, is an incredible thing, but when you figure in the mass politics and economy that perpetuates itself amongst the players of Eve Online, free of automation, you realize how real and impactful the universe is. Andrew Groen, a writer with 7 years of experience on websites like Wired, Penny Arcade, and Popular Science has set out to collect funding for the first history book ever written about people in a digital world. The book will span the entirety of Eve’s existence since its creation 10 years ago, and it will present the information in an attractive, accessible, and factual way.

A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online will be made available in both digital and paperback physical formats, and has already nearly tripled its $12,500 funding goal. If you’d like to pledge to the further improvement of the campaign, you can donate either $10 for a digital copy at release or $25 for a physical/digital combo to the book’s Kickstarter.


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