deergod2Crescent Moon Games is a New York indie studio that has proven their talent and skill time and time again with their amazing portfolio of unique and challenging games such as Twisty Planets and Mines of Mars. Now they’ve decided to run the crowdfunding route with their latest development project: The Deer God.

The Deer God is an exploration survival platformer with a lot of atmosphere in a 3D pixelated world of gorgeous forests and a variety of creatures such as foxes, rabbits, and various forest critters you’d expect to be roaming about. After a horrific hunting incident, a hunter’s life is turned upside down when he is reincarnated as his game: a deer.

deergod1In The Deer God, players will explore the forest and survive as a deer in the wild, beginning their journey as a cute little fawn, just starting out in the world. In time, players will grow into an adult buck and must mate to keep things going (and create checkpoints). As much fun as it sounds to gallivant around as a Deer, keep in mind that your decisions are documented and determine your outcome. If players excessively make bad decisions, they’ll be reincarnated into a rabbit’s dinner.

Avoid hunters. Start a family. Meet wise elders. Find yourself.

Crescent Moon Games currently has The Deer God in the pre-alpha stage with tons of room for improvement. With the community created on Kickstarter and the $26K gained from the campaign, Crescent Moon Games will make some alterations based on the backer’s suggestions and hopefully achieve Steam Greenlight status in the upcoming months. The Deer God has a lot of ambition, but also a lot of promise. Assuming it meets its Kickstarter goal, look for The Deer God to be released by January 2015.



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