Take a Trip Back to Ancient India In Unrest

Unrest Previewed

By Marcus Estrada

unrest1Have you been looking for a RPG with a more unique vibe? Unrest hailed itself as “an unconventional RPG” back when it was crowdfunded last year. Many people were intrigued by this game with an ancient India setting and backed Pyrodactyl Games’ project far beyond their goal of $3,000. Finally, Unrest is nearing launch. Steam users may have noticed that a demo popped up alongside a store page for the game. Hopefully this demo helps tide players over before its release!

unrest2Unrest begins with players being thrust into Tanya’s life. This 15 year old is part of a peasant family and is very aware of the classist existence around her. Her parents announce that she is to marry a merchant’s son, named Hanu. This arrangement makes no sense to Tanya. Why would a family of well-to-do merchants want to stick their only son with a woman who has little to her name? Not only that, but Hanu is a horrible jerk and everyone knows it. Should Tanya tough it out and accept her role as doing wife to a cruel man or should she take other action?

unrest1The exciting thing about Unrest is that players get to make that choice, among others. As you talk to everyone, a new option starts to unfold. Perhaps instead of devote her entire life to a loveless marriage she could run away. There are horse stables around, and the guards are dumb… Considering the various options was very exciting, although this is just the beginning of the game being demoed.

Another interesting feature on display is a series of statistics that change as Tanya interacts with townsfolk. Aspects such as “contempt” and “acceptance” are shown with bars that increase or decrease in fullness. Apparently, her emotional state is affected by how players choose to speak with others. Discussion choices can easily be read as seeming aggravated, accepting, dejected, and the like. I don’t yet know how these meters change the game.

unrest3Of course, there’s more to Unrest then chatting with NPCs. Players also walk Tanya around the world in search of solutions to her various puzzles. Both point-and-click and keyboard controls work just fine and get her around the town. As you talk to more characters the story progresses onward but players must continue to make choices along the way. It was interesting how I found myself choosing things based on my idea of Tanya’s personality, rather than what I would actually do in the situation.

The demo serves its purpose extremely well. Players are not only given a glimpse of the storyline and gameplay but also the visuals. It should be noted that the full game lets you control the story of five characters, not just Tanya. The world has a hand-painted aesthetic and fit Unrest well. Interested players should certainly try out the free demo. Unrest is set to launch on July 23rd.

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