panchito2If you’re interested in point-and-click adventure games, you don’t have to look very deeply into the pool of Kickstarter’s gaming section to find a few, but most of them are either trying to reinvent the genre or modernize it in some way. Panchito Chepas isn’t about modernization. It’s a good old fashioned hand drawn adventure game where you play as the adorable and titular Panchito. Your goals and means of getting there are funny enough right off the bat, and the developers have promised subtle satire and a suitable challenge for veterans of the genre. So, what exactly do you do to make progress in Panchito Chepas? What are your overarching goals?

Well, soon after arriving in a backwater, run down town, you discover what’s really at the heart of this civilization (albeit not the most civil one). As the old crotchety prospector inside of me always says, there’s gold in them thar’ hills. Your job is to round it all up because gold is awesome, and why wouldn’t you? How do you rally all this gold into your own personal piggy bank? By being a complete bastard. Really, that’s what the IndieGoGo says.

panchito1This is a real throwback to the golden age of point-and-click if I’ve ever seen one. There are over 2,000 hand drawn sprites, including full environments, over 20 interactive characters, and around 40 unique items for you to pick up/steal. The soundtrack is exactly what you expect from a game with this much respect for the old days, and if the satirical dialogue is the same quality as the rest of this title, it’ll be a dream come true for those of us waiting for a true revival of the genre.


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