halflife3Wednesdays are usually the day of the week that we see biggest Kickstarter campaigns launched.  People are well into their work week, bored with the grind, and ready to donate some money; or so the theory goes.  This week is no different; it’s already seen the launch of a Half Life 3 Kickstarter campaign.  Did you miss it?  That’s because it’s already been cancelled.

Well that was fast.

Launched earlier this morning by Christopher James Butler, someone who claims to have worked as a game designer at both Valve and EA, the Half-Life 3 campaign was cancelled a bit less than an hour ago.  Unfortunately his ‘experience’ didn’t give him the insight to put any real work into his Kickstarter campaign, just a few brief paragraphs attempting to explain how £1,500 is enough to create a AAA shooter worthy of copyright infringement.

If you’d like to learn more about the Half Life 3 Kickstarter campaign you could always check out the updates section, which already had two defensive posts from the developer before the whole campaign was shuttered.

Keep dreaming everyone.

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