frederik2Be an ordinary man with an extraordinary life in possibly the funniest game since the dawn of mankind.

A while back we covered the Adventures of Frederik Ceppo, being one of the first non-crowdfunded games at the time we covered. Since we covered it, Hoostbank Games has launched an IndieGogo campaign for the comical point and click adventure. It’s now a crowdfunded game.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the Adventures of Frederik Ceppo are just that – adventures about Mr. Ceppo, a strange man with unconventional ways of solving various problems in his home town. There’s nothing particularly special about Frederik except that he is the only one who can save the citizens of his Finnish town. Players step into Ceppo’s shoes and enjoy the quirky location of Likajoki (translating to town of Filth River) and all its oddball inhabitants with their weird secrets.

According to the IndieGogo campaign, the developer is hoping to raise €10,000 for the completion of the Adventures of Frederik Ceppo in order to cover the needs of the small studio staff. Particularly, the funds mainly are desired for studio fees, licensing, artists, and lastly – improving their PR. Regardless of how the campaign goes, the small studio intends to release the game regardless since they have dedicated much of their free time already to working on it.

If the funding exceeds the goal, we can look forward to some awesome artwork refinement. The team is even considering expanding the Adventures of Frederik Ceppo to various consoles. Specific stretch goals haven’t been decided yet but that will come in the future, depending on the campaign’s success. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out on the campaign to see if we’ll be seeing Frederik Ceppo anytime soon.


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