fordfrenzy2It’s not hard to find something funny (or offensively unfunny) about Rob Ford. Give it a quick Google. Go on, now, do it. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. Yeah, he totally did all that. Smoked crack on camera? Check. DUI and possession? One check each. Proposing we simply lynch all the homeless people? Big ol’ checkarooney on that one too. So, what exactly happens what a studio called Papa Boner Games decides to make a video game called Ford Frenzy about this sweaty, crack-addled mayor of Toronto? Well, clearly, something just beautiful.

Just picture it. It’s 2012. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. It’s time to smoke some crack, but before you can get your party up to a full measure of insanity, M. Bison – wait, no, B. Blair – crashes through the door, runs off with your scantily clad “assistant”, and sets his minions off into the streets of Toronto. Now is when the true party begins as you fight your way through City Hall and many other “Toronto-themed locations” on a mighty quest to take back what is rightfully yours. You’ll punch stuff, you’ll smash stuff with your belly, and you’ll probably smoke crack and turn into the Incredible Hulk.

Now, I hear you screaming into your computer, “How do I help this vast and glorious achievement in the art of interactive media become a real game that I can play with my thumbs?” Well, there’s absolutely buckets of things you could be doing right now to help Ford Frenzy get through development. You can share the page, you can donate to the Ford Frenzy Kickstarter, or you can create a circle of crack rocks and simply try to summon this game. If Ford Frenzy is funded (or willed to completion by cracknomancers), you’ll be able to channel blood and farts through your device of choice – as long as it’s a PC, Mac, Linux, or Android device.



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