survivethenights1Games these days are strictly divided into two camps. A ton of gaming, including the vast majority of the AAA lineup, focuses a great deal of their time and effort into making a game as realistic as humanly possible, while the other side of the spectrum, largely indie games, are heavily stylized and find substance in abstraction and cartoony looks. Survive the Nights is absolutely not one of the latter, and it is, in fact, one of the most ambitiously realistic games I’ve ever seen on Kickstarter.

survivethenights2Survive the Nights is all about the details. You’re left in a giant sandbox world with vehicles, buildings, appliances, weaponry, and supplies that can keep you alive. This concept in itself isn’t exactly a breath of fresh air, but the interesting part of this game comes when you look a little closer. That car doesn’t work, that building is falling apart, your weapon has no ammo, and your supplies go bad after a certain amount of time. Well, in Survive the Night, you, as a player, have the ability to solve all of these problems, adding a layer of realism that encourages smart thinking, forethought, and resourcefulness that goes beyond memorizing crafting recipes. You can find the parts to fix that car and refrigerator, and you can use that refrigerator to keep your supplies from going bad. It’s an open, multiplayer world, too, so don’t be surprised if your car gets stolen… But think ahead and take the rarest part of it with you so if someone finds it, it won’t run. Also, there are zombies.

I’m intrigued by the depth of object interaction promised by the developers at a2z(Interactive); in their development of Survive the Night. Their name is ridiculous, and yes, that semicolon is part of it, but it looks like they’re making one the most true-to-life urban survival games out there, and fans of DayZ would do well to take a look at this and consider helping it meet its £12,000 goal. There are a ton of different factors and intricacies to this title, and I definitely think you should head over to Kickstarter and look around if this is at all interesting to you. I couldn’t fit anywhere near all of the features in this article.


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