firstofawesome1Did you know we have a YouTube channel?  Of course you did!  Did you know that you should subscribe to it?  Do that, it makes us feel better about ourselves.  While you’re doing your duty why not check out our latest video?  It’s 30 minutes of Nathaniel’s beard playing First of Awesome. Fist, as we affectionately call it, is a side scrolling alternate history beat-em-up that was funded on Kickstarter in 2012.  It’s been receiving some mixed reviews since being released on Steam earlier this month, so instead of reading a bunch of fancy words, why not watch someone else play it and decide for yourself?


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Greg Micek has been writing on and off about games since the late nineties, always with a focus on indie games. He started in 2000, which was one of the earliest gaming sites to focus exclusively on indie games.

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