gamesofglory2After a year and a half of development time and personal funds, Games of Glory has been going strong but needs additional funding to keep going. Inspired by hack and slash games like Diablo and popular MOBAS like LoL and DoTA2, Games of Glory is the recent Kickstarter project that will make MOBA fans melt.

In a world where an intergalactic empire reigns and to promote peace, citizens bind together in a gladiator match (which we know to be Games of Glory) to handle any disputes and maintain peace. Whomever wins gains fame, money, and most importantly, political influence. Naturally, this would appeal to the many factions under the Synarchy’s control who are always facing issues. The flow of the battles will impact the actual world of Games of Glory, determining planetary expansion, and access to resources.

Players will pick a faction and completely customize their character to their heart’s content, whether it is attire/uniform, accessories, and even colors – it’s all up to the player. Additionally, with the incorporation of the club system (serving similar to the Clan in WoW), players can customize skin types and their clothing for the entire group. Logos can be designed to recognize their club. But the player moderation only continues from there, maps are completely customizable for players as well.


On top of that, Lightbulb Crew intends to make Games of Glory as community driven as possible without the venomous trolls with an in game player reputational system. Lightbulb Crew will be scouring through the comments and emails from backers and incorporate suggestions into Games of Glory’s design.

To finish Games of Glory, Lightbulb Crew will need $100K by August 21st. If stretch goals are met, there will be additional arenas, expanded languages, games modes, and more.


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