slavedriver3When I write up these announcements, I do them all at once. I set aside enough time to read everything, watch everything, and listen to everything, and I get through them all in one sitting so I don’t procrastinate too long and start blaming myself when Kickstarters fail. It feels bad. So today I open up three tabs and get ready to write three announcements for three cool-looking games chosen by our Editor-in-Chief. I get through one of them and look up at the tabs I have open for the other two and I spot Slave Driver. I thought to myself “Uh-oh, this might be an offensive one”, but even though it deals with a touchy subject, it doesn’t look like an offensive game at all. You just play as an oppressive overlord of slaves, that’s all.

slavedriver2Slave Driver is simply trying to recapture the gritty, old-school days of RTS, and does so by allowing you to take control of an interstellar mining corporation. You establish a base, use your slaves and slave drivers to generate resources, and overwhelm and destroy any and all opposing factions in an effort to monopolize the space mining industry. You control your slaves from Labor Camps, enforcing how strictly they’re treated, and travel through space to manage all of your different facilities to maximize profit and minimize the chances of a full-blown revolution.

Slave Driver has a very low goal, and for only $5 donated to their $15,000 goal, you can reserve yourself a DRM-free copy for launch, so if you’re a fan of RTS, this is a very low-risk way to relive the glory days with a fresh set of missions and objectives. You can visit Kickstarter to check out gameplay, artwork, and music from the developers to start getting hyped for Slave Driver.


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