stash2Plenty of games go out there and brag about their customization options, classic gameplay, and procedurally generated “infinite” content, but few games bring as much to the table as Stash, an upcoming turn-based loot extravaganza from Frog Dice, the creators of Reign Maker and Tower of Elements, two very well received games that blended puzzles and RPG elements to make a unique and challenging experience. Stash takes things in a different direction, building upon the simple roots of Frog Dice’s other games to make a much bigger in-depth experience.

In Stashyou’ll play as a highly customizable character, exploring the wilderness to find a combination of shops, pre-made dungeons that move the storyline along, and procedurally generated dungeons to add endless variety to your adventures. You can team up with your friends to maximize your chances of survival in the hostile environments, using each of your unique abilities to best your foes in turn-based tactical grid combat. Loot flows freely as well, coming in one of several ways in dungeons and at your home. You build your manor from hut to castle, upgrading your crafting capabilities and collecting a huge variety of in-game gear, pets, and more.

stash3If you’d like to support Stash, you can visit Kickstarter and back at one of several tiers, including a $15 tier that will not only give you an Early Access copy of the game, but a jackpot of in-game items and currency to make your adventure exciting and eventful right away. If you back soon, you’ll even get a free copy of one of the Frog Dice games mentioned above, and if all the donations add up to $100,000, we’ll be seeing Stash on Windows, Mac, and Linux in both DRM-free and Steam formats.


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