Gravia Tactics is a New Tactical RPG On The Scene


gravia1Gravia is a world ruined by centuries of pollution caused by booming industrialism in the area; every which way you turn, filth and hazardous waste lies. When a cleaner source of energy, magic, seems like an option, some dark and villainous figures intervene to keep their precious industry in tact (sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?). A group of heroes ventures out to put an end to the corruption. On their journey, they encounter miscellaneous enemies desperate to halt their efforts, including various robots released into the toxic wilderness years ago and monsters. And so, we have Gravia Tactics from Punchbag Entertainment.

gravia2All the combat follows a grid and is turn-based in Gravia Tactics. The entire party can be manipulated on the grid as well, configured by various abilities, gear, etc., to toy with the enemies on the field. Aside from these battles, players have an entire world to explore, filled with rich lore and despite the pollution, lush beauty. With each battle, experience is gained and the characters improve their abilities. Following a skill tree system, players can customize the entire party’s skill stats and make them a party to dream of.

Punchbag Entertainment has big ideas for what they’d like Gravia Tactics to be, including hand-painted landscapes, full vocalization, and fully animated cutscenes (which is a rarity to find!). The development duo has been working on Gravia Tactics for roughly a year while holding down day jobs. With the £120K earned from the Gravia Tactics Kickstarter, they can quit their jobs to work full time on the game, as well as hire on voice actors and animators.

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  • Blight

    I am sorry, but polution? Wow, won’t be getting this stupid game.