gryphonknight2Stories of legendary heroes have fascinated us for hundreds of years. An honorable knight embarking on a life changing journey to save his kingdom’s captured princess. Fight heroically, destroy the monster or evil fiend, save the day, and win the girl – we follow the same cycle in these stories and it never fails to entertain. What about the hero after this triumphant journey? What about after he retires?

In Gryphon Knight Epic we are a knight without any options other than to come out of retirement for yet another heroic quest. Sir Oliver married “the girl” and life was good in the castle, but he longed for the good ‘ol days of beating up monsters and bad guys. When he notices well-known heroes taking a turn for the dark side, he investigates with his loyal gryphon, Aquila, and must fight against countless bosses to get to the bottom of this.

gryphonknight1Gryphon Knight Epic is the 2D Medieval Shoot ’em up (or SHMUP) that Cyber Rhino Studios have been slaving over for the past five months. Players will explore 6+ levels, each consisting of two bosses and multiple pathways for advancement. It’s like taking a trip back in time to classic shoot ’em ups all around.

Their ambition for Gryphon Knight Epic is broad and though they are capable of working for an additional seven months on this project, the quality and efficiency will nowhere near what they envision. This duo is hitting up Kickstarter for $18K so they can hire an additional artist, programmer, and add some high quality tunes to Gryphon Knight Epic’s gameplay.

The plan is to release Gryphon Knight Epic on Windows, Mac, and Linux with gamepad support.


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Julie Morley
Julie Morley is a freelance writer and comic artist from Spring, Texas. She attended the Academy of Art University for two years, studying Animation and Illustration. Whilst here, she learned about writing comic scripts, storyboards, and general storytelling. Since leaving college, she has been working on personal comic projects, stories, and illustrations. She aspires to release a self published comic within two years. For the majority of her life, she has been playing console games, typically being third-person shooters and sandboxes. Her favorite game of existence is Dark Cloud II (Dark Chronicle) and her favorite Indie game is Gone Home.
Julie Morley