fritz1War depicted in a glorified manner without any understanding of the turmoil, trauma, and lives involved in the chaos dooms it to be repeated. Often, the war-oriented Triple A games (Medal of Honor, Modern Warfare, Battlefield – lookin’ at you) will touch base on the violence and patriotism involved, but what about the people putting their lives on the line? They have a family. They have a girl at home waiting for them. They’re human beings. Fritz takes a fresh and intelligent approach to war games that could refine the genre.

fritz2Valiant Hearts was recently released in a particularly timely manner, lining up with the anniversary of WWI. Now Fritz by Truceful Entertainment has entered the picture with their PC game from the perspective of German soldiers from the First World War. Above everything else, Fritz is a narrative RPG with some real-time combat that takes us directly into life in the trenches. We meet interesting NPCs, each with their own story, and bond on the war front. The longer we keep our comrades alive, the more we get to know them and improve our offense against the French.

Though there are miscellaneous battles incorporated in Fritz that will enable the player to either lurk in the trenches or fight out on the field, the majority of the tasks are basic, everyday things such as acquiring food or conversation. Fritz is planned to be versatile, allowing players to customize how their character grows and just what his ending (out of 21) will be. To afford extra programming, artists, and sound effects, Truceful Entertainment has put Fritz up on Kickstarter in an effort to raise $15K. Fritz will be released on Windows and Linux with the possibility of a Mac version.


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