station1Designing Engine, an indie game studio from Samara, Russia, has a point. Station is a game without any resources, experience points, multiplayer, PvP levels, or purchasable items. There is no room for additional content as the story is fitted into a singular game. It’s true, these are elements that tend to ward off investors in the gaming industry as they are more story oriented rather than action. It’s less likely to be a guarantee in their eyes of a positive sale.

That doesn’t mean people don’t want a game like this, though. If the developers want a game like this, other people out there will want a game like this. And it’s true; people DO want a game like Station. So Designing Engine is pursuing funding through Kickstarter for Station.

Station is unique. It’s a low-bit non-linear narrative driven adventure game relying on its dark atmosphere and science fiction elements to intrigue the player and keep them interested. We are a part of a crew on an expedition in the Arctic Ocean in search of natural resources. But something goes horrible wrong that changes the lives of all crewmembers forever. Now, all crewmembers have lost their sanity and killing one another.

station2The main character is no different from the others, except that he’s sane and kicking. With his knowledge of all the equipment on the ship, he’ll combat the hostile crewmembers and figure a way out of the station without a scratch.

Designing Engine is asking for $33K CAD to fund the remaining development of Station and afford a professional programmer, pay their bills, get software, and hire English translators. At the moment, just the playable demo is completed for Station, which is available on the Kickstarter page. A release date has been unspecified so far.


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