Archaic2Fads pass, and if you ask me, it’s about time for our obsession with zombies to simmer down. Zombies are cool, we get that, but the complete uncontrolled deluge of zombie-related games is driving me up a wall. We need to switch gears and kind some other horrible monstrosity to kill. I vote dinosaurs, and that is definitely an idea game developers are exploring, which makes me very happy, but I, for one, am not pleased with the current state of dinosaur-related gaming. I propose more dinosaurs for all, and if you’re of the same mindset, look no further than Archaic for all of your dino-axing needs.

The survival game formula has been attributed, primarily, to zombies, and Archaic is following a similar design. You’re stranded in a lush, dino-infested island, part of a group that was sent there to protect a team of scientists. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go according to plan, and the facility was overrun, leaving just you and whoever you choose to play with to survive in the most hostile of environments. The multiplayer will be open, allowing you to team up with strangers, and the various survival mechanics make for a tense and highly strategic approach to survival. You must manage hunger, thirst, and shelter to protect yourself while crafting better and better weapons to defend yourself against a variety of unique dinosaurs – each with their own habits and demeanor.

Archaic3Archaic is taking a step outside of the proverbial box, and I think replacing the zombie with dinosaurs is going to make for a completely fresh experience. These dinos are intellegent, primal, and hungry for your delicious body parts, and being pitted against a t-rex in a realistic survival scenario is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Silent Sheep Games is raising $10,000 on Kickstarter to see this project through to completion, and if that goal is met, we’ll be playing on Windows PC or Mac.


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