raysthedeadI misspoke a few articles back, in a way, by condemning this fading fad of zombie-related games. Now, I absolutely have no intention to withdraw any statement I’ve made, because I really do hope the fad itself passes, but every once in awhile a game comes along that makes me enthusiastic about the subject matter once again. It’s rare, but it certainly happens, and it certainly happened when I took a look at the Kickstarter campaign for Ray’s the Dead.

Ray’s the Dead is a charming and thoughtfully constructed game that, while related to zombies, is really centered on the main character, Ray. You’ll play as living Ray and zombie Ray, trading off between discovering your origin and converting humans into zombies. It’s an interesting way to constantly draw parallels and memories from each time in Ray’s life (and unlife) while maintaining a well constructed and forward-moving narrative. Gameplay consists of puzzles, flashbacks, assimilation, and saving innocents. You’ll discover your past, explore your future, and unlock the tale of what went so horribly wrong, all in a charming 80’s-themed setting.

RaysTheDead1If you would like to back Ray’s the Dead… Well, I don’t blame you, it’s a great looking game. The artwork is great, the concept is fresh and interesting, and everything about this campaign is reasonable and encouraging. Ragtag Studio is asking only $30,000 to see this game through to completion, and if that goal is met, you can expect it on PS4, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.


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