vaganteI used to be an adventurer like you, until I got stuck in a cave!

In a world filled with demons, monsters, and ruthless scavenger lurking everywhere, it’s mighty dangerous to go forth on an adventure. But many starry-eyed folks with a hunger for the gold coin search far and wide for whatever riches they can get their hands on, ignoring the dangers. When word spreads of a sizable treasure hidden within a cave at the edge of the woods, an adventurer (you) sets out on a journey that which no man returned from.

Eight months ago, a group of game enthusiasts quit their jobs to form a company of their own. That company is Nuke Nine and since late 2013, they have been working full time on Vagante – an action adventure platform dungeon crawler game with perma-death and co-op playability featuring various classes and abilities to choose from. Pick a class (such as Mage or Rogue) and fight various monsters in procedurally generated levels, acquiring magical abilities and equipment along the way.


The four man development group has been using their own funds for the development of Vagante but they’re in need of some financial assistance to keep things going – to which they turn to Kicsktarter to raise $50K. Just as¬†importantly, the Nuke Nine team will receive tons of feedback from backers and interested players concerning Vagante to fix bugs and improve gameplay.

Vagante is currently in Alpha, which is available for download on the Kickstarter page.


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