nefarious1Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and WiiU is the opportunity to be the bad guy. That’s right, this time you’re actually finding the princess in the castle – and kidnapping her. Nefarious puts us in the shoes of the bad guy scheming to kidnap princesses. Unfortunately, even the more elaborate of plans can become messy and complicated.

Nefarious brings us a humorous take of the kidnapping process and warding off any heroic individuals determined to take her back. Filled with reverse boss fights, evil minions, and oddball princess, Nefarious is a strange sidescrolling action platformer game that I’m really looking forward to, and it’s now on Kickstarter.


A cluster of game developers have teamed up to make Nefarious a reality. However, with full-time game development, comes the need for funding to which they turned to Kickstarter to raise $50K by Sept. 19th. Currently Nefarious is approaching its Beta phase and people can apply for the Beta on the Nefarious website, but the remainder of development will require a major financial push.

nefarious2Community is always of great importance to developers, and with the Kickstarter launching one can be established around Nefarious. With this community, the developers intend to take every bit of feedback into account to make Nefarious just as the people like it.

Nefarious is already making some great progress, raising nearly $4k so far. If the $50k funding goal is exceeded, we can look forward to an all out musical stage plus additional content and gameplay modes (including couch co-op, yes!).

Evil doers rule, and if you think so too, please check out the Kickstarter page to give Nefarious some support.


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