SiennaStorm2As many of you know, I’m a massive fan of tabletop games, and while taking the concepts of tabletop gameplay into the digital realm often defeats the purpose of tabletop gaming, it’s always exciting to see how the digital medium impacts what would traditionally be played with physical objects. Cards, tokens, and game pieces alike can come to life in a video game, and even though the player misses out on the social element, it’s still an exciting field of game development, and as long as tabletop gaming continues to thrive, I have no reason not to get excited about a new digital card game, especially when I look at something like Sienna Storm.

Sienna Storm is, at its core, a card game, but it’s one that’s driven by deeply rooted RPG elements. When I say “RPG elements”, I’m not talking about leveling up and allocating stats. I’m talking about actually assuming the role of an in-game character on a level with more agency that “choose when they jump and shoot”. You get to live the life of your character, make social and strategic decisions, and heavily impact the story and game world – just as a character would if freed from pre-determined story arcs. In Sienna Stormyou live the life of a man on the edges of society, where rules are determined by necessity and choices are made to survive.

SiennaStorm1If you’re interested in further exploring the gameplay and interactive world of Sienna Stormcheck out Digital KnightsKickstarter page for the project and consider pledging your support as they move towards their $179,000 goal. That goal is particularly important if you’re a Mac user – because any platform that’s not Windows PC is a stretch goal.


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