SuperIII1The world is nearly destroyed in a war, reducing the amount of usable land mass by 90%. What do you do in this time of great tragedy? Ah, you know, normal rescue stuff. Teleport, destroy evil evolving monsters, avoid spikes and fire spouts… Just your average everyday people-saving stuff.

In Super IIIan upcoming puzzle-platformer/adventure game, you’ll get to do all that and much, much more, because when you’re a little blue guy in space, the rules of physics are replaced entirely with fun and challenging puzzle-based platforming. The game itself is structured in a very familiar way, but if you check out some of the gameplay shown off on Super III‘s Kickstarter, you’ll start to notice that this isn’t just another platformer. Sure, you have your standard gameplay elements such as hazards, enemies, bosses, and environmental puzzles, but all of that is changed by your range of abilities. When you realize that the edge of the screen doesn’t stop you – it instead moves you to the other side of the screen – you’ll deal with problems in a new and interesting way. Pair that with the teleportation ability and varied enemy types, and you have a formula for a mold-breaking puzzle-platformer that will test your abilities. Instead of levels built to incite frustration, each level shown is a great example of challenging, thought-provoking design.

SuperIII2If you’d like to support Super III, you can donate to its Kickstarter campaign to nail down one of many tempting reward tiers, including an early bird tier that will reserve you a copy of the completed game for only $12. Be sure to vote on Steam Greenlight as well, and share this with any and all friends who may be interested – Super 91 Studios is only asking for $39,000 to complete the game, a very realistic and reasonable goal, to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux.


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