noct2There was a darkness. A horrible, ancient darkness that somehow made its way to our world. It eradicated everything in its path, leaving few survivors. Our world became a wasteland, filled with darkness and cruel creatures created to kill. This is the world of Noct.

Noct is a 2D multiplayer survival game from a bird’s eye view with arcade elements. The player is one of the few survivors left on Earth and they’re simply trying to get by. The game is viewed from a floating thermal imaging satellite that has been documenting how Earth has changed. Players are thrown into their own found footage horror film as they try to avoid the many horrific and dangerous creatures lurking in the dark. In Noct, they must use whatever weapons and resources they find to make it from ruined city to city without becoming a monster’s dinner.


Noct began as a small idea Chris Eskins had and discussed with friends. Over time, it evolved into something much more. Now, after some development, there is a multiplayer prototype, but Noct has quite a ways to go. Luckily, Noct was welcomed and well supported on Reddit, IndieDB, and various game-related sites. Noct is ambitious and requires programming versatility to become a reality. To put together a small studio, hire on staff members, and push for the remainder of development, Chris launched a Kickstarter campaign for Noct to raise $22K to do so.

With these funds, he’s aiming to have the Alpha released by Halloween of this year and the finalized version out in July of 2015.


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