projectnexuslogo1Back in 2012, Michael Swain teamed up with animator Krinkels and created one of Newgrounds most popular games up to date, Project Nexus, a fast-paced shoot ’em up, hack ‘n’ slash flash game. After their tremendous success with Project Nexus, the duo has taken the project into Unity for a sequel and after six months of development and out of pocket funds they’re turning to Kickstarter to fund the remainder of development. They aim to raise $56K from their Kickstarter campaign by September 23rd to cover additional staff members and living expenses.

Project Nexus 2 is planned to be a 3D sidescrolling action adventure open world game with hack ‘n’ slash and shoot ’em up combat. In Project Nexus 2, players are in a 3D world of Madness, stuck in some strange conspiracy. The world is desolate; bandits and raiders are everywhere you turn. The goal is to reach Zed City and take down the Nexus Core, but there sure is a lot of trouble to go through to get there.

Project Nexus 2 will be divided into three different game modes: Story, Arena, and Zed Survival. In Story Mode, players are hooked into a devious conspiracy surrounding the Nexus and must stop it at all costs. In Arena Mode, players revisit the story of Project Nexus 2 from a alternative character’s perspective, and it sure isn’t pretty. Lastly, Zed Survival Mode is pure zombie lovin’ goodness in the world of Madness.


Currently, at the base funding goal, Project Nexus 2 will be exported to PC and Mac and released on Steam. The team plans to release it on Linux later on, if they can. If the funding goal is exceeded, there will be tons of beautiful game modes added in.


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