Every week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter campaigns that launched in the previous week.  This isn’t to say that all of these projects are worth your hard earned cash, but with any luck having all of them in one place will make it easier to educate yourself on the projects you’d like to back, and which ones to run from.  You’ll find two types of campaigns listed, “featured” and “the rest“.  Featured campaigns are those that contain a significant amount of game information, are from known developers, or are significant in some other way.  The rest of the games are usually smaller campaigns that are lacking in information, are from unknowns, have unanswered questions, or have not yet stood out for one reason or another.


Featured Campaigns :

projectnexuslogoGame : Madness: Project Nexus 2

What it is : Julie wrote: “Project Nexus 2 is planned to be a 3D sidescrolling action adventure open world game with hack ‘n’ slash and shoot ‘em up combat. In Project Nexus 2, players are in a 3D world of Madness, stuck in some strange conspiracy. The world is desolate; bandits and raiders are everywhere you turn. The goal is to reach Zed City and take down the Nexus Core, but there sure is a lot of trouble to go through to get there.”


24killerslogoGame : 24 Killers

What it is : Julie wrote: “24 Killers puts the players in the position of someone who’s received a mysterious letter, granting them possession of a stranger’s estate. When they arrive, they soon discover that the location is dreadfully haunted and is terrorizing the townspeople. First the house, then the entire island is filled with horrific and strange monsters that are desperate to feel life again. Unfortunately, it never does the trick for them and it is up to the player to help them pass on. As players do so, a strange mystery reveals itself about the cause of their death and soon we’re wondering: who are the 24 killers?”


gaymerx3logoGame : GX3: Everyone Games

What it is : Marcus wrote: “GaymerX is back but this time it has a new name. GX: Everyone Games, formerly known as GaymerX3, is now seeking funding on Kickstarter. Thanks to the knowledge the team gained through hosting two previous conventions they have smartly placed its funding goal at $80,000.”


orionlogoGame : Orion

What it is : Julie wrote: “Orion centers around Sam Acacious, who’s got a lot on his plate at the moment. He’d just recently been informed that his home, Section 6 within the Orion Torus, is planned to be destroyed in the coming days. He’s skeptical though, could this be an opportunity to rustle some jimmies and create some anarchy? One thing is for certain, it was a message directly for him and he has to do something about it.  For the entirety of Orion, Acacious will struggled to find the answer to this message and break the code (if there is any).”


noctlogoGame : Noct

What it is : Julie wrote: “Noct is a 2D multiplayer survival game from a bird’s eye view with arcade elements. The player is one of the few survivors left on Earth and they’re simply trying to get by. The game is viewed from a floating thermal imaging satellite that has been documenting how Earth has changed. Players are thrown into their own found footage horror film as they try to avoid the many horrific and dangerous creatures lurking in the dark. In Noct, they must use whatever weapons and resources they find to make it from ruined city to city without becoming a monster’s dinner.”


moonhunterslogoGame : Moon Hunters

What it is : Julie wrote: “In Moon Hunters, players craft their own mythology to be spoken of for ages. They build up a tribe of their own and set out into the ancient world filled with wonders to pursue myths. Moon Hunters can be played single player or in co-op mode – including up to four players.  Players begin their game with a customizable character from several classes to choose from (Witch, Spellblade, The Occultist and Druid). The entire world of Moon Hunters is randomly generated, so no play through is like any other. Players will explore three different biomes and one small locations to meet new tribes and learn their ways. This is one of the ways players’ character will create a name for themselves and spread it around.”


spiritsiegelogoGame : Spirit Siege

What it is : Julie wrote: “Spirit Siege is a real time PVP mobile strategy game for iOS and Android devices. In Spirit Siege, players go against one another in a tower defense fashion, using a deck of cards to use versatile characters, attacks, and defensive moves against their opponent. Spirit Siege is designed to take moments to learn and minutes to play, heightening the convenience of the mobile play. It’s a quick and simple strategy game on the go.”


zvrlogoGame : ZVR Apocalypse

What it is : Julie wrote: “ZVR takes place in a world of horrors where the ultimate experiment for a super soldier went horribly wrong by going horribly right. These partially decaying shells of people are intelligent war machines capable of sprinting, strategy, killing, and independent thought. They are the Hyper – and they are contagious and rapidly spreading. However, a cure was created in case the experiment grew out of control, the Zombie Viral Reversal (ZVR). The players control characters seeking the ZVR in interchangeable first person and third person gameplay.”


heartsunderbladeslogoGame : Hearts Under Blades

What it is : We cover a lot of visual novels here on Cliqist, and for anyone that’s not a fan of the genre is can be difficult to tell them apart sometimes.  Hearts Under Blades stands out on its own though.  Not only is the feudal Japan setting strangely unique, so to is the story and relationship implementation.  Most visual novels tend to focus on seduction or friend making, but Hearts Under Blades focuses more on the epic journey of the games’ hero, and the people he meets along the way.  There will be romance, of course, but it seems it’ll take a back seat to the intrigue and adventure of a young man on an epic journey.


startraders2logoGame : Star Traders 2

What it is : Julie wrote: “Star Traders 2 is a space exploration and adventure RPG. In Star Traders 2, players have their very own customizable ship and crew to do whatever they want with. There are many classes to choose from: pirate, trader, spy, bounty hunter, and many more. There’s plenty of goals to pursue, and many ways of achieving them. The life of a space captain can be difficult and tends to carry many responsibilities and players will have to juggle them. Everything is decision and faction based, and sooner or later the player will have to choose where they belong.”


outpost13Game : Outpost 13

What it is : Ever see The Thing?  Let’s pretend the Kurt Russell one is the only one that exists, and that the 2002 videogame was set aflame.  Trapped in an icy hellscape, terrified enough to do whatever it takes to survive.  That’s where Outpost 13 puts us, trapped in a world very similar to The Thing, expect this time you’re in control of a dog named Fen and there’s no question that you’re the monster.  In order to escape you’ll need to murder each of the crew members while ensuring no one suspects you, or wonders what you were doing in the rec room.


thedarkphantomlogoGame : The Dark Phantom

What it is : A 3rd person cover shooter with some pretty impressive visuals and a Darkman goes gritty vibe.  In addition to some nice visuals The Dark Phantom lists an extensive list of game features, including destructible environments, motion blue, depth of field, bullet time, and some great looking motion capture.  So why is the project struggling to hit its $50,000 target?  That’s a discussion for another time; but needless to say the project is worth a look.


eminencelogoGame : Eminence: Xanders Tales

What it is : Kickstarter is full of people trying to make the next great trading card game, and even more have attempted to make their very own MMO.  The folks behind Eminence are looking to succeed where so many others have failed and make their own trading card MMO, and it looks like they just might be on to something.  With its great looking art style, Eminence already has a high level of polish to it that backers look for when contributing towards such ambitious projects.  Can Eminence deliver?  It’s too early to say, but this is definitely one to keep an eye on.


The Rest of the Campaigns :

Lapsum : An endless runner, that’s more of an endless faller, about the long road to hell; and features some great looking graphics on the way down.

Mark of War : A great looking tabletop style strategy game; unfortunately the campaign is struggling for a variety of reasons. Hopefully it will make a return.

Doro : A 2D online fighting game with a campaign that features no video; but does have a couple animated gifs.

The Deep Paths : A nice looking grid based first person RPG that’s struggling with funding; a new funding video couldn’t hurt.

Mayor of Peridot : An intriguing rpg that’s been mired down by a campaign featuring too little to see, and a budget that seems out of line for whats being promised.

Bionite: Mars : A Battlezone type shooter that needs a new Kickstarter campaign with a clearer message.

Skjaar : A steampunk inspired horror adventure with some great screenshots, but in need of a more compelling funding video.

1negrand The Game : It has a demo available, but absolutely nothing else.

Brock Simulator : A joke campaign that requires you to know who Brock is in order to get the joke.

The Dinosaur Hunter : Lots of models are shown on the Kickstarter page, but there’s no game info or images.

Project Gorgon : An MMO still in the early stages of development, but plenty to show for it.  The funding goal, while possibly realistic, is a bit high for whats been shown though.

Ormhildr’s Burden : A viking themed horror adventure game with nothing to show.

Dark Lineage : An rpg with nothing to show.

Bullrush : An oldschool style adventure game with nothing to show.

Jet Pilot : A 1942 looking top down shmup that needs more information, and a more complete funding page.

Dark Blue : A cute looking side scroller that takes place in an under water filled world of randomized maps.

Plate N’ Pistol : An action platformer in an interesting world that needs a bit more to show in order for backers to donate.

Dithrandir : A trading card game with a nearly blank funding page, and a video showing only mock-ups.

Heroe’s Journey : An open world rpg with some screenshot mock-ups and no funding video.

Project Valhalla : An MMO with a funding page that features almost no game info, no screenshots, no funding video, and an usual choice of capitalization.

Crowd Runner : An arcade style mobile game with nothing to show for it.

Boxman Begins : An online arena shooter with a great choice of art direction and some promising gameplay mechanics.


That’s it for last week.  Watch your wallets!

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