startraders2The Trese Brothers have quite a few games under their belt and have more than proven what they’re capable of. For many years since the Star Traders release on the Google Play market, players have been asking for more. Now, prayers have been answered, the Trese Brothers are working on a sequel to the popular rpg strategy game, but are turning to crowdfunding through Kickstarter to help the development along. The Trese Brothers are asking for $50K via Kickstarter, but plan to match the funding received with their personal funds acquired from their previous release Heroes of Steel (which was also crowdfunded on Kickstarter).

Star Traders 2 is a space¬†exploration and adventure RPG. In Star Traders 2, players have their very own customizable ship and crew to do whatever they want with. There are many classes to choose from: pirate, trader, spy, bounty hunter, and many more. There’s plenty of goals to pursue, and many ways of achieving them. The life of a space captain can be difficult and tends to carry many responsibilities and players will have to juggle them. Everything is decision and faction based, and sooner or later the player will have to choose where they belong.

startraders1The Trese Brothers have been working on Star Traders 2 since the beginning of this year. For this project, they’ve opened up funding through Paypal and Amazon but people can show their support through sharing the campaign around. They’ve organized social media rewards for those who can’t afford to back the campaign.

Star Traders 2 is planned to be released for PC, Mac, Android and iOS in Q4 of 2015; the Alpha is planned to be released Q3 of 2015.


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