zvr1The idea of a virtual reality zombie game is both terrifying and a level of awesome that words simply don’t do justice. In Lucid VR’s ZVR, players are placed right into the world of nightmares as they battle flesh eating feigns head on. ZVR is not the kind of game a publisher would typically pick up, given its innovative and risky nature, which is why Lucid VR is turning to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to fund the remainder of ZVR’s development. Plus, ZVR is the kind of game that demands constant feedback from a community to ensure the entertainment of such a game. Kickstarter will be ideal for funding and community building and they’re doing just that, so they’ve launched a campaign, hoping to gain $30K AUD by September 28th.

zvr2ZVR takes place in a world of horrors where the ultimate experiment for a super soldier went horribly wrong by going horribly right. These partially decaying shells of people are intelligent war machines capable of sprinting, strategy, killing, and independent thought. They are the Hyper – and they are contagious and rapidly spreading. However, a cure was created in case the experiment grew out of control, the Zombie Viral Reversal (ZVR). The players control characters seeking the ZVR in interchangeable first person and third person gameplay.

ZVR Apocalypse is primarily a virtual reality game supporting the Oculus Rift, however, is does support standard playing via controller. It is planned to be released for Windows, Mac, and Oculus Rift.


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