Roguelikes, roguelikes, roguelikes! It seems that so many video games announced and out today include this gaming buzzword. Band Saga is yet another that defines itself as roguelike, but actually appears to take those conventions to heart. The game focuses on two friends in a band who tour from city to city. While on the road the duo must fight enemies to make it to their next gig. The concept is very creative, a bit weird, and exciting.

So where does roguelike stuff come in? Each stage, enemy, and item is randomly generated. It’s how this works that is the most interesting aspect. Band Saga utilizes in-game soundtracks to create all these goodies. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that players will be able to modify the game’s soundtrack as well. Doing so changes levels since they’re all created by the tunes. Considering the theme is about a band, this musical roguelike style makes a lot of sense. Will it all work out as planned? It’s hard to say, but many developers have had difficulty balancing “good” level layouts with randomization.


One or two players can beat down baddies together. Heck, it even appears two players can asynchronously create music together too. You’ll then be able to save modified or brand new songs in Midi or Wav formats. Thanks to the uniqueness of Band Saga a fair bit of pledges have already arrived. Anyone excited by the concept of music-based procedural generation can contribute to the $29,000 too. Although right now Band Saga is only confirmed for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, their first stretch goal of $45,000 will bring it to PlayStation Vita.


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