Carnivore Studio is a team with a lot on their plate. Not only are they creating a game called Kodoku for PlayStation 4 and Vita, but now they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign! Kodoku Chronicles is a visual novel offshoot of their main game, and will feature the same premise and help initiate players into the story of Kodoku. It’s an interesting strategy although it remains to be seen if players will end up completing both games or selecting one over the other.

For the uninitiated, Kodoku is a horror tale that weaves Japanese folklore along with H.P. Lovecraft goodness. Unfortunately, not much has even been revealed about the main game as of yet. From what I can glean through the Kickstarter page, Kodoku Chronicles begins when the protagonist lands on Kodoku Island. Once there, they’ll encounter dangerous circumstances and inhabitants. Despite being a visual novel, there will be a battle system. Players will have to cast spells against enemies in a turn-based fashion. Beyond that you’ll also be able to strengthen relationships with other characters which in turn benefit you during battles.


Players hyped for either Kodoku or Kodoku Chronicles can help fund the latter toward its goal of £8,000 (around $13,000). Unlike its upcoming PlayStation Network brethren, this game isn’t necessarily coming to consoles at all. By being funded it is confirmed for Windows PC but consoles (and Mac support – there’s no Linux version anywhere) are stretch goals. £20,000 nets a Vita version, £50,000 for PS4, and finally £80,000 will allow them to port Kodoku Chronicles to Xbox One.


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Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada