If you live in the United States, or even just consume its political influence, then you’ve likely heard of the “No Child Left Behind Act.” The goal was basically to create measurable standards for school education across the nation. No Pineapple Left Behind by Subaltern Games is both a game and response to the changing school climate which rewards good test-taking abilities over legitimate learning.

In No Pineapple Left Behind, you’re in charge of a school where all the students have been turned into pineapples. These pineapples simply attend class, do all work, and never complain. Although they only receive middling grades they’re much easier to deal with than actual children. Sometimes the tropical fruits will turn back into humans. At that point you can attempt to form them into grade A students – because they’re capable of it – or force them to become pineapples again. It’s up to you!


You’ve got similar power over teachers even without turning them into food. You see, if a teacher gets burnt out about this whole system you can simply fire them. Sure, their replacement won’t immediately be as good, but it’s more efficient this way, right? Everything about No Pineapple Left Behind feels entirely on-point for the state of our school system, and that makes sense considering developer Seth Alter used to be a teacher himself.

You might remember Subaltern Games for their previous title Neocolonialism, which was also crowdfunded (and successfully released) via Kickstarter. They’re asking for $35,000 to make No Pineapple Left Behind a successful, satirical strategy game.

Track the progress of No Pineapple Left Behind on our Campaign Calendar.


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