Cooking is a pretty magical affair for those who can barely even make toast. But what if cooking really did utilize magical abilities? It would be downright awesome, and that’s the kind of world that Battle Chef Brigade inhabits. In Trinket Studios’ proposed game, you’ll compete in a tournament to create the tastiest of dishes for judges. However, chefs must explore and hunt for ingredients before transmuting them via magic.

Battle Chef Brigade appears to have two main gameplay modes. The first is where your chef goes searching for ingredients. When exploring the game looks like an action RPG of sorts. Enemies proliferate the field and you can fight them for eggs, meat, and the like. You can also manipulate the environment. For example, feeding a bird might make it generate more eggs. Once back in the kitchen your chef can create a meal. Players can use their creativity to make whatever splendid meal they feel like, but should be aware that judges each have different tastes. During the food preparation stage magic can do things like speed up cooking, change tastes, and other delectable features.


Along with a solid concept Battle Chef Brigade is already showcasing some lovely artwork. The game’s hand-drawn anime artwork is brightly colored and appealing. It also fits in perfectly with the magical world being created. Right now Battle Chef Brigade is poised for Windows, Mac, and Linux launch. However, Trinket Studios’ aren’t opposed to console releases if fans show they desire ports. You can back this yummy proposal on Kickstarter and help towards the $38,000 goal.

Track the progress of Battle Chef Brigade on our Campaign Calendar.


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