If you’re on Cliqist then chances are you’re a big fan of video games. Heck, you may have been playing games since you were a toddler! Like many of us, Joe Granato was immersed in gaming from a young age and drew his dream game back then. He kept those “design documents” for a game named Mystic Searches, and after rediscovering them, decided to finally make that game a reality. In order to do so his team is going to have to jump into Nintendo Entertainment System development!

The New 8-Bit Heroes is a multifaceted campaign on Kickstarter. First, there is the game Mystic Searches. This will be a brand new cart you can stick in your own NES and play. It appears inspired by many of the great adventure/RPG titles of that era. Alongside this there is also going to be a modern version of the game which can be played on PC. The two interface, as well. For example, unlocking an achievement in the NES version will somehow alter the Windows and Mac version.


Beyond the game itself there is also a documentary to be filmed about its creation. The team is comprised of creative individuals who have likely never been limited by hardware before. As such, it should be interesting to see how they work to condense their art into NES quality. Finally, tutorials will also be produced alongside the game and its documentary. The NES game creation scene is still alive because many people wish to make their own retro titles. The hope is that these tutorials can help give prospective developers the tips they need to get started. How much does all of this cost? Well, The New 8-Bit Heroes are asking $36,000 to make their multimedia project a reality.

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