How would you like to be free to completely explore and modify the universe to your will? Stardale is a proposed Kickstarter game which says it’ll allow for that. This 2D pixelated title procedurally generates the universe and then allows players to jump right in. Exploring planets, building whatever your heart desires, and fending off aliens are the big features Stardale Team touts for their project thus far.

In many ways, Stardale feels inspired by the likes of Terraria, and to a greater extent, Starbound. Of course much of this is due to the similar visual aesthetic. Stardale hopes to be a more free-form approach by granting players full freedom to do what they want in space. Do you want to fight or form alliances? Hey, what about simply playing a creative mode where you never have to worry about this stuff again? These features are planned and seem like a good idea for non-combative players such as myself.


There is definitely a good basic outline for Stardale provided in this Kickstarter campaign. However, it worries me that they have not specifically stated what makes them different from other, similar recent titles. There is also not much on display in trailers or screenshots to really give a sense for what Stardale hopes to become. They may make the goal of $15,000 CAD for Windows, Mac, Linux (and PS4?) release, but that will likely require detailed updates to compel more pledges.

Track the progress of Stardale on our Campaign Calendar.


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