Ever since the roguelike genre got a big boost recently it has shown no signs of slowing down. The latest in this trend is BEDLAM. Developer Skyshine Games describes it as a post-apocalyptic rogulike RPG with a unique battle system. So far, what they’re showing via the Kickstarter page backs this up. So let’s look into BEDLAM and see what exactly makes it an intriguing new project. Oh, and don’t mistake this project for Bedlam (a FPS currently on Early Access) or the multiple similarly-named titles from yesteryear.

First, the storyline is neat and definitely appeals to the sensibilities of Fallout fans. Basically, in this world you play as a Mechanic. Society had once thrived with these people who created astonishing inventions but now you’re the last one left. Under your guidance characters will form into a team with you. These teams then go to battle against enemies on a trip to the furthest reaches of Bedlam. However, as per roguelike rules, you’ve only got one chance to make it. If a team member dies then they’re gone for good. If the entire team goes down then it’s time to start over. As such, every battle is likely going to be an intense experience.

skyshine_bedlam_combat_cyborgBattles make use of a “blitz system” which is described as turn-based without any turn structure. Think of chess (if you understand the basics!). In chess, each player has one turn but they can use that turn to move any one piece. BEDLAM lets you move with any team character when it’s your turn. The developers are targeting Windows and Mac machines with their $130,000 goal. Although this goal is a bit high, with their strong concept, art style, and popular genre use it might very well work out!

Track the progress of Bedlam in our Campaign Calendar.


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