Communism as a theory and its actual implementation in society are quite different things. In Black The Fall, players are invited into an industrial world post-communism. The landscape is bleak and people are frightened by others. As the protagonist, you attempt to “break free” from the sad state your society is in. Of course, with citizens who view others as enemies, and the Machines (basically violent enforcers of the status quo) you’ll have to work smart to make it through.

Developer Sand Sailor Studio mentions how classics such as Flashback and Another World inspired Black The Fall’s creation. It’s easy to see this thanks to the 2D sidescrolling perspective as well as its art style. Just as those games, the art here is astonishing and emotive. In this case, everything seems to be in different hues of blacks to showcase how oppressive the society is. Platforming also recalls such classic games. As the protagonist runs and jumps their motions are carefully animated.

Players will control how Black The Fall progresses. They can choose to fight enemies with weapons, making even more enemies along the way. Or they can choose to be stealthy and help others in need. When doing this, characters might just reciprocate the favor – or at least not spoil your plans. Along the way you’ll also need to solve a variety of puzzles to continue the journey.


Black The Fall takes an interesting tactic for a Kickstarter project by already being available on Steam Early Access. Thanks to Early Access they decided to make their game episodic. So, in fact, the Kickstarter isn’t to “create” a game but to improve their current systems as well as create chapters beyond the first. A £25,000 (about $40,500) goal should get them all they need. We’ll just need to see if gamers approve of this unusual path to Kickstarter.

Track the progress of the Black The Fall Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.


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