There are a tremendous amount of reasons that a Kickstarter project might fail on its first time around. Sometimes the word doesn’t get out and sometimes they’re just posted at the perfectly wrong time. For whatever reason, The Land of Eyas was unsuccessful when it hit Kickstarter earlier this year. Undaunted, Happy Square Productions have now relaunched their campaign with a slightly smaller funding goal.

The Land of Eyas is a 2D puzzle platformer with a fiendish twist. In this game, gravity is not your friend. As you explore stages different gravitational forces will affect you directly. For example, instead of the normal gravity we know on Earth, the trailer showcases how “up” becomes “down” and so forth. That alone would be confusing enough, but of course it appears you’ll be forced to contend with shifting gravity on a regular puzzle-solving basis. That’s all in addition to a platformer with level designs that already seem challenging on their own!


Unlike a great many platformers, The Land of Eyas has its own distinct visual style. Instead of big pixels it has a smoother, Flash-like cartoon appearance. According to Happy Square Productions, they’ve also already tackled creating 40 stages. There’s still about a month left to contribute toward their $5,000 goal and then maybe nab a copy of The Land of Eyas for Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs or an Xbox Live Arcade download. Although they’ve not specified which console they mean by this, I’ll assume Xbox 360 since Xbox One doesn’t actually have a section called “Xbox Live Arcade.”

Track the progress of the Land of Eyas Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.


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Marcus Estrada


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