virus1Let’s take a leap into the future, twenty years into the future. Technology, of course, has expanded and thrived significantly, bringing more virtual reality and improved artificial intelligence. Gaming has evolved altogether. With these innovations comes greater security risks and the need for improved security systems. For this, VIRUS, or Virtual Intelligent Replicants Used for Security comes in.

Yara, the best anti-virus replicant created, has just been awoken by her creator in the middle of a horrible server crisis. Soon, after some analyzing, she realizes that servers from all over are being attacked and for specific information. To put an end to this and protect gamers everywhere, Yara tries to fend off the cause of these malicious server hits.

This is VIRUS, Plexcom’s debut project, a Unity 2D platformer action game designed similarly to classic Japanese platform games like Megaman but with a modern twist and local co-op playability. It is to be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In VIRUS, we play as Yara, and travel through seven environments, each with bosses or “super-viruses.”

virus2Along the way, Yara gathers extra weaponry, skills, and experience points. Players will be able to upgrade many of Yara’s abilities, weapons, and armor as a result. But, similarly to the games that inspired VIRUS, the gameplay is not linear. Players will revisit previous locations to obtain additional abilities or learn more secrets about the world of VIRUS.

VIRUS is ambitious and nostalgia stirring but a game of this size requires a lot of time to make. For that, 4-member studio Plexcom has turned to Kickstarter to raise $50K to allow the studio members to dedicate their full time to production rather than juggling part time work and VIRUS. After five months of development, a VIRUS prototype is completed and available on the Kickstarter page for download.

VIRUS is also currently up for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the VIRUS Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.


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