If you were to ask a die-hard PC fan what the best games of all time were they’d likely name Fallout among them. Wasteland, Fallout, and a litany of other post-apocalyptic RPGs just have something about them that draws players in. CRIMEA, an upcoming RPG by Tall Tech Studio, hopes to channel those classics and create an exciting new experience. They’ve taken to Indiegogo to make this game a reality after two years of work.

CRIMEA takes place after the fall of the Second Soviet Empire when things have really gone to the toilet. Society is crumbling, radioactive waste poisons everything, mutants run amok, and everyone is out for themselves. You are one of these lone wolves (although you can band together with others) surviving the harsh landscape. When fights ensue they’re in a turn-based style, although all NPCs take their turn at once. Additionally, if you take proper care, you can sneak up on enemies and attack them safely. This is reliant on the enemy’s line of sight. Apparently, their view can even be obscured depending on the headgear they wear. Of course CRIMEA is also an open world environment for all your post-apocalyptic roleplaying needs.

crimea1So why did the team finally seek out crowdfunding? After a few years working on the project they certainly deserve payment for their work, as well as the necessary push to bring CRIMEA to completion (hopefully by the end of 2015). Tall Tech Studio hopes to raise $37,500 and you can take their game for a spin by downloading the demo.

Track the progress of the Crimea IndieGogo by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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