Eurico is an ex-pizza delivery guy who’s been dragged into the investigative studies of the occult with the famous detective Dog Mendonca. He is tired, unpaid, and smack dab in the middle of a mystery. The mystery of Dog Mendonca’s strange disappearance, in fact, and we get to help Eurico solve it. This is OKAM’s Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca & Pizza Boy.

Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy takes place in a world where humans and the supernatural once coexisted, but no more due to the creation of “The Code,” a cluster of rules that divided the two parties and hide supernatural beings from the human realm. Every now and then, though,  someone will get through and break The Code. It’s up to renowned paranormal detective Dog Mendonca to figure out who.

Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy began as a comic series created by Felipe Melo, Juan Cavia, and Santiago R. Villa that was published by Dark Horse comics. Soon, the series was met with great popularity and success, leading to additional books. Felipe took an interest in bringing Dog Mendonca to video games and OKAM partnered up with him. Thus, The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy, a point and click adventure game, was born.


OKAM has been working on Dog Mendonca for some time and already have 80% of it completed. But there’s still 20% of development left, with primarily art resources needed. The Argentinean studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for $30K in hopes of raising money for the remainder of development.

With these funds, they will carry development out until Q2 2015, where they will release it for PC, Mac, and Linux all in DRM-free and on Steam. If certain stretch goals are made, the team will localize it in different languages, export it to mobile, OUYA, and next generation consoles, and even add another episode.

Track the progress of the Dog Mendonca & Pizza Boy Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.



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