Puzzle platformers are an incredibly rich genre filled with titles. As such, it always seems a bit worrying when a new one comes out. Luckily, The Sixth Chaos looks to offer its own unique aspects despite having a similar visual aesthetic to Limbo. It seems that a handful of storylines will be showcased along the platforming gameplay. In the trailer we see this as words superimposed on a level’s background that appear regularly. Although each story appears distinct, Majestic Spirit Studios says they will all connect in ways that players understand after completing the game. There are also many hints that the Cthulhu Mythos plays a large role between each.

The Sixth Chaos has a puzzle mechanic where the protagonist utilizes a question mark and exclamation point. During play, one of these characters will appear above their head which means it can be used. Some examples shown had the question mark working as a bouncy trampoline to get players to higher platforms. Another feature shown was a star marker blowing up walls. As this was alpha footage, there’s probably a lot still subject to change. As is, the puzzles didn’t seem particularly complex. The 2D platforming also appears more a mechanic for moving players around than a challenge itself.


Would you like to see The Sixth Chaos come to fruition? Luckily the team is asking for a reasonable $10,000 to complete it. There are some rather neat stretch goals though that would enhance the package. Most notably, if they can exceed $40,000 then they’ll look toward modern console publishing (PS4, Vita, Xbox One). As of now, The Sixth Chaos is a PC exclusive title.

Track the progress of the Sixth Chaos Kickstarter by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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