DICETINY (a mashup of the words “dice” and “destiny”) is a game after my own heart. It mashes up a variety of excellent game types into one project. Like board games, card games, and RPGs? Then you should definitely take a look at developer Fakedice’s project.

One to four players all team up to play DICETINY. When in a game you’re presented with a square game board with a building on each end. Every turn players roll the dice, move forward that number of squares, and trigger a random event. Events range from springing traps, fighting monsters, or even discovering a treasure chest. When fights break out players can utilize their cards which offer a variety of effects. As you play, you gain more cards as well. Eventually you’ll be able to customize a deck before playing.

Although you can play by yourself, it’s obvious that a game with board and card game roots is designed for multiple players. In either case, each teammate chooses from one of four races and classes. They all have specific strengths and weaknesses which will be integral to beating the game. After completing a board’s condition, a boss monster will appear. If you survive, then congratulations on the victory! If, however, all four teammates die that results in a game over.


DICETINY also has a great, hand-drawn look about it. As part of this drawn cartoon aesthetic there’s also a ton of parodies to uncover while playing. Some of the most apparent from their Kickstarter page are Lord of the Rings references, but video games, action movies, and comic books will also be referenced. DICETINY is pegged for Windows PC exclusively if they just barely reach the $30,000 CAD (about $26,800). At $200,000-$250,000 stretch goals they’ll examine Mac and Linux ports respectively.

Track the progress of the Dicetiny Kickstarter by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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